New update on Blu....Friday, 3-3

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New update on Blu....Friday, 3-3
Fri, 02-03-2012 - 5:12pm
I talked with her this afternoon. She sounded pretty good and from what I could tell, she was fairly alert. Her cousins had just arrived to visit her so I didn't talk to her very long but I do have some new details...
Her surgery is scheduled for 8:00 AM tomorrow (Saturday) morning.
When she fell, she fell on her ball joint, and that is the "part" that is being shipped from Switzerland. Not only was her ball joint knocked out of place (and I believe she said "down into her arm"..ouch) but it was also fractured in several places. Thus, the new "part!"
The recovery time for this surgery is 4-6 months and she will need physical therapy, of course.
She asked me to call her back this weekend so I'll probably do that on Sunday.
I think that's it for now.
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Sat, 02-04-2012 - 12:48pm

I hope by now Blu is out of surgery and doing well.