QOTD-What are your favorite and unfavorite TV ads?

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QOTD-What are your favorite and unfavorite TV ads?
Sat, 10-22-2011 - 11:06am

I really dislike the A&T ad with the wife saying, "And where did you get THAT money Steve?

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Sat, 10-22-2011 - 11:32am

I was at a friends house one day and she had her grand baby in front of the tv she was about 7 months old.....she was sitting there talking and bouncing and the Aflac ad comes on and everytime the duck said AFLAC she would jump and screem..so cute and funny.

The one I hate is the one for Fabreeze when they put those people in the dirty crack house and tell them to take a big breath......about gags me.

Also the one with the little boy and the Pop Tarts.........you can't understand a word he says the whole commercial looks like it was edited by a 2 year old....

Ads stick in my head for some reason......

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My favorite ad right now is the VW Passat ad with the wee little Darth Vadar boy!!!


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I like the one for some car (can't remember which car), but it shows a little girl seated behind the steering wheel and her dad is telling her to be careful when she drives. She says "ohhh, Dad" then you see her as a teenager...There are some local commercials for churchs that are awful. They do a disservice to their church with the horrid commercial. I also don't like the ones for Burger King which show the goofy, King. Blech!
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Sat, 10-22-2011 - 10:43pm

I am SO sick of the Progressive Insurance commercials with Flo.