Quiet weekend ahead.

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Quiet weekend ahead.
Fri, 03-30-2012 - 11:48am

I don't have any plans except to try to get better.

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Fri, 03-30-2012 - 12:07pm

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Fri, 03-30-2012 - 5:47pm

No matter how much my aches and pains are this weekend I am going if nothing else just take a chair and sit outside...it is 80 today and they are talking like 88-90 for Sat.& Sun.

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Sat, 03-31-2012 - 2:56pm

I hope you're feeling better soon.
Being sick is such a BUMMER, especially when the weather is so nice.

What a great cause your grands are working for.
I'm sure whatever is donated is appreciated.

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Sat, 03-31-2012 - 4:22pm

Underwear is a great idea, Karen.

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Sun, 04-01-2012 - 9:35am

I vote undies for both sexes!

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Tue, 04-03-2012 - 2:27am

Do hope that you soon feel better, Karen. Nothing worse than feeling ill and think meds are not working. Great job your granddaughters are doing, I think it's great for kids to do something like that. I would get underwear for both boys and girls, unless your girls want to stick to girls. Love and hugs, Jenni