Rain, Rain and More RAIN

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Rain, Rain and More RAIN
Sat, 08-17-2013 - 3:40pm

  It has been raining here for the past 2 day's and they are calling for more rain the next 4 or 5 day's. It has rained heavy here last night and today. Our neighbors had to move their cars and motorcycle out of their yard because it ewas comletely flooded. This happen to them about 6 weeks ago. That time even their kyak caame floating out of the yard. My lawn guy cmae here and got our grass cut just before the rain started. I was so glad of that. It hadnr been cut in a week and with the daily rains we have been having it had grown pretty high in a week.

 Have had kind of a rough time of it the pass 7 week's. Went to our convention in Mobile Al. last month and on the last day I was returning to my seat from going to the rest room and a man who wasnt much taller then me and I am 5'1 but was as wide as he was tall was in a hurry and broad sided me. He knocked the wind right out of me and turned and caught me as I started to fall backwards. Some one else who had been behind me caught me to. I was all right but by night fall I look like some one had taken a clunb and beat me on my left arm from my shoulder down to my wrist. Thought he may have broken my arm but he didnt. Had a big knot appear on my shoulder and by my elbow. It took 5 weeks for the one on my elbow to go away. I briuse bad because of my Leukemia so you can well imagine how bad it looked. Then 2 weeks ago I was outside and I got this idael to throw my cane up in the tree to see if I could knock some of the little small branches that were dead off. I keep picking them up every day so I thought I would help them down a little faster. My husband laughed at me. A storm came up and he yelled at me to get into the house so I threw my cane up in the tree one more time and turned so it wouldnt hit me when it came down and I didnt hear it hit the griund. I turned around and there was no cane. It had gotten stuck up in the tree. So I went in the house and didnt tell my husband where my cane was. I did ask him what kind of metal did lighting hit. I thought for sure the wind and rain would knock the cane out of the tree. Went out after the storm and there it was , hanging just as preety as it was up in the tree where I had thrown it. So got a metal pole  about 30 feet long and I did manage to get my cane out of the tree. it took me about 15 minutes. If I had of wanted that cane in the tree I couldnt have put it up there any better cause it wasnt going any where by itself. Any how, I bent down to pick up my cane when it fell out and the whole limb, not the branch, the whole limb broke off and fell 30 feet and hit me on the top left side of my head. It almost knocked me out. I was dazed to say the least. I felt around to see if I was bleeding but I felt a goose egg on the side of my head that stuck out about 5 inches. So after I put the pole back up, I went inside and said honey I got something to tell you.I kind of got hit in the head and he took one look at me and jump up and scream oh my lord. well I have a concussion and whip lash to my neck. I have a 2 inch cut on the inside of my ear. The head ache I have they said could last up to a month and they dont know how long it will be before my eyes will stop being fuzzy. Will I throw my cane back up in a tree. I doubt it, at least not any time soon. Then 2 days ago I went out side to wash our outside trash cxans out and didnt realize how long I had been out there and suddenly started sweating and got very sick.Thats when the guy,Brian was cutting the grass. he got me inside. Brian and my husband thought I had a heat stroke but it turned out to be extreme heat exhaustion. I can't believe I was out there that long. I guess I was wet from the water hose and just didnt realize how hot I actually had gotten. So my husband said he is going to put me under house  arrest and keep locked up so I cant get into trouble any more. So now I am waiting to see what happens to me inside the house. I dont go looking for trouble mind you. But what worries my husband is he is back in his wheel chair again so he can't get to  me if I am in trouble. His back and legs go out from time to time and right now they are out. So that has been what I have been up to . All that and taking care of my flowers outside that have done so beautifully this year. This is the first year that I have had more then a couple of flower pots on the ramp and I have them on the ground and planted in the ground. Brian our yard guy has helped me a lot . he has given me a few plants, one a bird of paradise and a lemon tree that he says is doing better then his. He also has made a frame and welded it together for this big hot house and he brought it over and gave it to me. Now all we have to do is finish it. We are going to get that heavy plastic to finish it with before it gets cold. Last winter we only had about 10 days of real cold weather. My summer flowers bloomed all winter long. Well I have written a book I see. sorry. but its been a while since I have been on here and a lot has happened to me. Hope everyone has a nice weekend , whats left of it any way.  ellie-mite

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Wed, 08-28-2013 - 11:02am

I am sorry that you have had such a rough time.

Yes, I agree about the rain, we have had our share, too. Sunny for the past week, but looking like it might rain today.