Short notice - company coming! Eeek!

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Short notice - company coming! Eeek!
Fri, 10-28-2011 - 8:34am

Oh my Gosh! Got a phone call Wednesday night that a couple who we were friends with their parents years ago are in Knoxville and will be here tomorrow to visit. They will probably spend the night and my house, while it is clean, is rather messy so will do some quickie touchups.

This is gonna be so cool! The last time we seen these kids( well, kids to us since we've known them since they were babies almost) was about 15 or so years ago so its really going to be nice catching up with them and their families. Their parents, who we were closest to, are both sets gone now so will catch up on brothers, sisters, kids, etc.

Of course I will take lots of pictures so get ready! And also tomorrow night is Russ's Halloween party so will take them with us and thats always fun. They both grew up with Sarah and Russ so can catch up with them too.

So, I have got to get busy and get this done.

Hugs, Jackie

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Fri, 10-28-2011 - 9:34am

Just remember my DM's rule re: company cleaning - "people are mostly sitting around, so sit down & see what needs to be dusted".

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Sat, 10-29-2011 - 7:21am

Sounds like a fun weekend, Jackie!