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Mon, 06-10-2013 - 3:07pm

Do any of you have a smartphone? I had enough trouble figuring out how to use a regular cell phone so I am wondering if it was difficult to learn how to use? I am not really great with computers and things like that.

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Sun, 06-30-2013 - 2:25am

I got an iPhone 5 about 6 months ago and I really like it. Before that I had a "regular" phone with just the number pad which made texting really difficult. I also had a really cheap monthly plan.

Its been pretty easy to learn to use the iPhone. One of my favorite features is being able to send and receive photos via text messaging. Also nice to be able to look things up on the internet and check email when I'm out running around. There are also some great apps available. You can set it up so it uses your wifi when you're at home so its not always using data.

You can probably get a good price on a phone if you sign up for a 2 yr contract. But to use all of that internet based stuff you need a data plan, and that's where the $$ comes in. It can easily be $75 per month or more for talk, text, and data. Research the different carriers for plans that fit your needs, you probably don't need much data per month while you're a casual user.

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Go to Google and type in  "Tech products that won't be around in 2014"  so you won't get something that is at the end of the line. 

CNET reviews of smart phones

And reviews by carrier

Then check out user reviews then you should have a pretty good idea what is the best and what to stay away from.

When I looked at them I had to say that we bought a used car many years ago for $700 and it ran good and lasted quite a while.... but a $700 phone? YIKES I would really have to think about that


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LOL  I have held off as long as I can without getting a *smart phone*, but it looks as if that will be my next step in the process of 'going modern'!  My DS and I are looking at getting a DROID RAZR.  I have used a smart phone before, but never owned one.  I think I'll be fine with one as long as it does not try to take over and tell me what I want to do instead of doing as it pleases!!!!  LOL  They certainly are more expensive than what I've used before!!

Let us know what you think of your new one if you get one!  Inquiring minds want to know, ya know!!!!

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  Let's see if I can get this to post.  I sent you a private message, so if it doesn't, you can read it therre.

I have to confess...I love my smart phone.  Sometimes it is just a little too smart...when I go to type a word it "thinks" it can spell better than me and the word comes out completely different.
If you are interested in getting a smart phone, why don't you get a Blackberry?  I started with the Blackberry and found it very easy to use.  I now have a Droid,
but might go back to the Blackberry since the new one has come out.
Usually, for any phone you buy, you can go on you tube and there will be instructions to follow.
Let's see, on my smartphone, I can ...(besides make phone calls), text, go on the web, take pictures just to name a few....yes, I love it.