Sore muscles and haircut today!

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Sore muscles and haircut today!
Mon, 11-14-2011 - 7:51am

Good morning Gals. DH went to russ's yesterday afternoon so I decided to do some cleaning. When I vacuumed the living room, I pulled out most of the furniture that I could move and cleaned around the edges of the wall and under and behind. Well last night when I went to bed, every bone in my body hurt and this morning I am sore as can be. On the one hand, it was worth it but I sure do hurt! Taking it easy today.

Finally decided to get my long hair cut off. It is down past my shoulders and I have to keep the top pulled back and off of my face and then by noon when it warms up, its in a ponytail. Its time for it to go! But I did what I said I was going to do, I let it grow out long one more time. I'm thinking of instead of short, short like I usually do, maybe little shorter than medium with some layers and bangs. We'll see. Will let ya know!

Going to see Cameron today. Cant wait to play with him!

Hugs, Jackie

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Tue, 11-15-2011 - 6:35am

jackie, i only had long hair once in my life and that was enough, lol. i just love it short it's so much easier to handle and you can just wash and go and not worry about curling it or putting it up.

hope you like your shorter hair.


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Tue, 11-15-2011 - 12:01pm

I had long hair in the early days of motherhood, but gave in to something easier to care for.

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Tue, 11-15-2011 - 10:58pm

Hope your sore muscles are much better today w/rest yesterday.

Oh, wow, so u decided to get your long hair cut off., hope u