They came back. Even funnier.

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They came back. Even funnier.
Sat, 07-28-2012 - 2:18pm

The two guys arrived later than they said.  No chain saw came with them.  They brought no water.  So using the branch cutter they managed to saw through several parts of the limb.  They wanted the wood after all because they thought it was cherry and would burn nicely.  Wrong answer.  I gladly let them take the wood.  So they put the long branches into the little truck bed and drove off with them hanging off the back.  They did clean up the yard nicely.

After our shower my neighbor had a very large pine branch fall.  I guess it is this time of year.  Everything is water logged.  I think the woodpeckers have something to do with it.

R had wanted to go to an Asian store to pick up some lumpia wrappers.  But she said the cloudy skies were giving her a headache so we didn't go. 

I finished my book.  Maybe I'll iron now.  I need to more around.

Stay cool.