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Sun, 04-29-2012 - 8:10am

Wow. It sounds like you have been busy and are experiencing wonderful thunder storms.  I happen to like thunder and lightning.

I took my oldest grand to the mall one day.  We went into every store that had shoes.  She finally found a brown pair that she loved.

My doctor put me on another round of antibiotics.  They don't seem to be helping.  Friday I went to Relay for Life and could only walk the track twice and had to go home.  I guess it was the heat but the pain in my eyes started big time and then I got headaches on top of it.  I get tired out easily too.  The sad thing is that there weren't as many teams as in years past.  The economy is hitting non-profits hard.

My book was a success with the book club.  The next one is "The Chase" by Clive Cussler.  I don't read him, but this is a really good mystery.

DS is happy the weather is getting hot.  People will be replacing their air conditioners and business will start to pick up.  He cannot buy a house unless it does.

Have a good day.



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Sun, 04-29-2012 - 2:27pm
I've heard that "The Chase" is good. I'll have to put it on my list . Right now I have about 40 books on my Kindle just waiting to be read!