We were up at 4 AM......

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We were up at 4 AM......
Tue, 12-06-2011 - 11:53am

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Tue, 12-06-2011 - 12:05pm

Some people think that it is awful "why wouldn't you want your grandchildren around ALL the time?"

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Thu, 12-08-2011 - 5:02pm
Yes, you're telling it like it is! : I've had my grown kids living here off and on for the past 20 years. But they don't stay long. It's usually when they are transitioning from here to there. SInce they are single.it .makes it a little easier. I probably won't feel the way you do about grandchildren,.I would love to have them around as much as possible. I will just be happy to have one, or two, or three...lol Of course, by the time I'm a grandmother, I might be too old to feel that way. LOL