Weekend plans???

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Weekend plans???
Fri, 03-16-2012 - 8:01am

Hi Ladybugs.

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Fri, 03-16-2012 - 10:27am

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Fri, 03-16-2012 - 10:19am

Going up for PT and a dr. appointment today, get a few groceries and going to try and get out of O'Neill before the pretend Irish get going. It can get to be a mess up there but tomorrow you I really don't want to be up there....They got the Shamrock painted and are ready to go.....

There was a riding mower on Party Line (radio for selling stuff) and DS2 and Del are going to run down to look at it we will pay for half or so if they get it because they mow our yard in the summer..... DDIL wants a new one....that is just her....I told her one time, I wanted a lot of new things too but you can get by with used...She really works for her money I know that..But when you get everything new when you have small kids it all has to be replaced when they are out of the house.... I would rather have the new now than when the wild bunch was here....lol

Supposed to rain for about 3 days or so. Ok, I will let the farmers have some rain I hate to see them cry......then I want it shut off cause I don't want bad storms this year. I want a nice calm summer. No storms, no floods no drama......