Women not talking anymore - texting - facebook - email

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Women not talking anymore - texting - facebook - email
Thu, 01-12-2012 - 9:18pm
Ok - I feel that avoidance is so easy these days or at least the feeling this is happening - but its just so easy to keep in touch and do women our age do this?
Is one getting snubbed - or was something sent or text and misunderstood. Instead of being closer friendships are harder to figure out - instead of being closer and being able to communicate in all sorts of ways distance is greater on the friendship front or is it?
Years past if you called someone and they didnt answer you would get the answering machine. Oh and you might wait a day-/-//but today we need an instant answer back and if it takes longer than a day you now wonder whats wrong and then you think there is something wrong. ok help me make sense of this -// i think i am going to stop using email texting and stop looking on facebook I need my sanity back.
This going to take some doing I may go through withdrawals / any comments anyone???? How long for a reponse??? I dont think I am going to check or maybe in an hour or two I might take a peak :)
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I actually think just the opposite. I have gotten reaquainted with relatives and old friends through Facebook and through texting. We plan get-to-gethers where we actually do talk face to face.
I guess I don't think about getting an instant answer. Should I?
I'm thinking that perhaps the younger generation is the one who will suffer the most from this electronic friendship. Some of them seem to overdo it for sure.
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I'm with Shari on this one. I have got in touch with family that live far away through Facebook and found childhood and school friends too.

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I am kind of on the other side of the fence with that...I do know when I get with friends today I talk to much because I haven't seen them for a long time..

But when we moved here I was 25. There were around 15 women that I hit it off with. Most were a little younger than me maybe 20-23... Not all at once but at least 3 times a week we some of us would go to the other's house for coffee, next time my house. Sometimes at night couples would have supper and play cards etc.....

Then around the mid to late 80s our kids were gone and almost all of these other women went to work outside the home. If they went to work at 8 in the morning and got home in time to fix supper I didn't want to bother them early in the morning, and when they got home I knew they were tired. So eventually we just lamented the good old days when we didn't "DO" anything but stay at home. LOL.....

Now, if I don't email or FB I wouldn't keep in touch with anywone at all....

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Studies have shown that as a nation we are withdrawing from society because of these networks.

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I think most of us are as 'social' as we ever were - if not more so.

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I don't twitter , because I have always felt that I don't have anything that interesting to say every 5 minutes....but after reading some tweats I found that I am not the only one there are millions of us...lol

I don't do that much on FB either.....I am one of those people that use their hands to talk sometimes and it is so hard not to be misunderstoon when I am just typing...I like to talk face to face.....

Is that why people would rather email me cause they can shut me off?......manybe..

I agree there are some things that are no body's business so that is why you will see that most of the time on FB it is a lot of weather....