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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 8:58am

I always think about the story when these things happen...

Vehicle Stolen 21 Years Ago Recovered Near O’Neill


On August 8, 2012, the Holt County Sheriff’s Office recovered a 1988, Cadillac El Dorado, from a pond located approximately one mile west of the US Highway 20 and Highway 275 junction. The Cadillac was bearing New Mexico license plates. The Holt County Sheriff’s Office and Nebraska State
Patrol determined the Cadillac was previously reported stolen from O’Neill, Nebraska in April, 1991. The Holt County Sheriff’s Office and O’Neill Police Department continue to investigate the stolen vehicle. If anyone has any information regarding the stolen vehicle contact the O’Neill Police Department at 402-336-1313, or at 317 South 4th Street, O’Neill, Nebraska.


Shouldn't be any different than finding old bones or something but always makes me wonder....I don't remember this at the time.

O'Neill is where I go to the doctor, get groceries when I am home I go there several times a month..

 Also, soon we will be getting pictures from Mars......and they will probably be very good shots......that is wonderful by itself but then why can't security cameras take better shots....

And one more thing.....on most of the security pictures someone will know who that is.....and the cameras are all over thieves were even caught on camera in O'Neill stealing from a CHURCH.....seems like what should happen is the thief should just go to the police station ahead of time and sign in.....I mean

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I don't think people think about security cameras when they commit a crime.  It helps cut crime in some cases, but I still don't like big brother watching me all the time.

I haven't been able to figure out how to respond to a response to my post.  So... I've worn my hair short since I was 18.  My hair is very thick and when it grows out I have one root and three strands. 

Thanks for telling me where to find the silicone bakeware.  I checked the internet and I'd have to order a minimum of 500 pieces. lol

Any ideas where, other than the internet, I can order an adjustable wood bed tray?  I've tried all over and even called a medical supply store where the guy didn't even know they made one.  With all the seniors around now you'd think that they'd be more popular.  I like doing crossword puzzles before I turn off my light so I need something I can write on.

Stay cool.


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It'll be interesting to hear what the local cops can find out about that car.

Oh...BTW, about the Mars pictures .......  I just sent you an email with some Mars photos in it!!!!

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