30 Percent of Teen Girls Meet Up With Online Strangers

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30 Percent of Teen Girls Meet Up With Online Strangers
Mon, 01-14-2013 - 12:07pm

In this alarming new study, Health Day News reports that 30% of American teenage girls meet up with people they've only met online. "Nearly a third of American teenage girls say that at some point they've met up with people with whom their only prior contact was online, new research reveals.

For more than a year, the study tracked online and offline activity among more than 250 girls aged 14 to 17 years and found that 30 percent followed online acquaintance with in-person contact, raising concerns about high-risk behavior that might ensue when teens make the leap from social networking into real-world encounters with strangers." MORE

Do you monitor your teenage daughter's contacts?

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I have definitely monitored my children's online activities, both my sons and daughter... have since the very beginning. My two oldest are grown now and on their own, but I'm still diligent about what our youngest son and grandson are involved in. 

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I don't have a girl, but you can guarantee that I monitor the online activities of my boys.  This statistic is scary, but not overly surprising.  Parents need to be aware of what is going on when our children are online, and open communication and dialogue about the risks is necessary. 

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One of my friend's 13 year old daughter just had two friends (both 14 years old) do this. They were supposed to be going to the movies so they arranged for a sleepover at one of the girl's homes. A father dropped them off at the movies where a 19 year old man neither had ever met, drove up and picked them up and took them out. Both of them had listed themselves as older (one said 16 and the other 17) on their social networking accounts. Thank God nothing happened to them.

They still do not understand how dangerous what they did was and how disastrous it could have turned out. Both girls had their smart phones and iPads taken away from them for a month. I don't understand why a 14 year old girl needs an iPad or smart phone to begin with.

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I believe it. I've done it. I wasn't 17, but I was 19. 

I'll definitely be monitoring my daughter when she's older—and my son in a few years. He's a bit gullible and it's something that I watch him for IRL.

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I have to say living in a small town has benefits, like everyone pretty much knowing everyone else. Our kids couldn't go to the movies or the park without running into some parents we know, who would not hesitate to call if they saw something fishy.

We also monitor our girls socializing on the net. I know one friend of ours who lives in a larger city had to take away their 14 yr old daughters internet for a while till they managed to make it more secure as she had met an older man online and they found out she planned to meet him in person. Very scary stuff!

Even though we live in a small town we are still very involved in our young daughters lives.

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It's horrifying, but sadly not surprising. I have two boys, but I'll be watching them like a hawk most of their adult life - not the mention their teen years. 

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