4 more years of President Obama...disappointed or nervous

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4 more years of President Obama...disappointed or nervous
Wed, 11-07-2012 - 8:53am

At one time I was an Obama fan but no longer am. I wasn't disappointed to see that he had won but I was hoping for change so I am not sure what I really wanted. I am really nervous about what his healthcare plan is going to do to my life (I'm seeing horrible rate increases already) but otherwise, I am not unhappy with him. I guess all in all, what I really feel is nervousness. Anyone else feeling this way?



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Sure, I'm nervous, but it has less to do with the President than it does with the current economic conditions. I live in a state with high unemployment, low pay and no growth. A lot of our problems here are our local and state officials, who are too busy focusing on pushing party concerns rather than working for their constituents.

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I am pleased with the results of the election.  Of the two candidates, I feel as if Obama was the best choice.  Am I nervous?  Not because he will serve four more years, but because of the state of the economy.  I'm really hoping we see progress in his last term. 

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Like the others, I think I'm more worried about all the politicians working together to solve the problems with the economy and healthcare. I hope that with giving Obama another 4 years to work on it will produce some results. The position we are in didn't happen overnight, and it's going to take some time for it to get better. What we need to happen is for everyone to check their party affiliation at the door and do what's best for the country.


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Loving it!
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Republicans demonized the President's health care plan as "job killing" without explaining how.  They can't.  There have been regional insurance excanges in operation before the President's proposal, and they deliver health care to members very effectively, efficiently, and economically.

Remember that the President's plan draws heavily from that of Governor Romney's state of Massachusetts, and most Massachusetts residents are quite pleased with it.

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Nervous. While I wasn't thrilled about the direction a Romney win might have meant I don't know that another 4 years of Obama is going to mean anything too different than what's already going on, We certainly aren't a safer country and I think the emphasis on some social issues has really gone too far.



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I am really nervous about how the fiscal cliff and Bush's tax plan ending will effect our small business and family :X The income tax increases, reduction in earned income credit, ect really looks like it is going to financially harm us in a serious way. Not to mention the cost of Obamacare :X

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I'm so thrilled! He and Michelle have started a lot of good things and this will give them more time... I just wish people would work together for the good of the country...not just their party politics. Also need campaign reform. Time limits and less money wasted.

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My heart cries for our great country. Political agends seem to be the only thing that matters to a lot of the politicians. It is be my wish that they would forget who & what they are and come together as people, instead of animals fighting over a bone, and ACTUALLY AGREE  to, and get done what this country needs, instead of being so concerned about what they will appear to be, by some unidentified entity!!! Shape UP or Ship OUT!!!!!!!!! I, FOR ONE, AM GLAD THIS COUNTRY HAS OBAMA AT THE LEAD FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS.  HE STARTED A JOB FOUR YEARS AGO, AND HE SHOULD HAVE FOUR MORE TO DO WHAT IS POSSIBLE FOR THIS COUNTRY. SOMEONE ELSE WOULD HAVE REALLY MESSED UP THE WORKS!

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Mixed on the result as there are positives and negative affects in our own household.

Personally we are slightly higher income and will see taxes rise, no question, they will rise and we will need to find as many shelters as we can (loopholes like home mortgage deductions, municipal bonds and such.)  The fiscal cliff means an ending to the American Tax Credit for education, so we will not see that $2,500 credit per child in 2013.  I don't think it will go up to our income level even if it is renewed in part - so that is $5,000 more in taxes right off the bat next year.

As far as our jobs, we should actually do better.  DH is in healthcare IT and part of Obamacare is to standardize medical choices.  Programs he works on do analysis that sets care and pricing standards.  As a consumer we might not like it when our doctors are told what to do, but his company is making a lot of money with software that performs that analysis to get "waste" out of the system, so we will see that benefit.  I don't see him getting huge raises or bonuses, but he does have good job security there.

I should do better as well.  Interest rates are not as likely to go up as it would cause even higher payments to our ever growing national debt, and banks will continue to be constrained with additional legislation regarding lending and investments.  So in order for people to get more return for their investments they will have to be much more pro-active, which requires assistance - therefore more demand for my services.  The phones rang when the election results came in, and we are now swamped.  Fear can actually help us.

College costs for our kids will increase, but we are over halfway through their undergrad educations, I would worry a lot more if my kids were now in high school because I know what we saved would not be near enough.  Grad school for my DD will be higher, but she should be able to get more assistance as well, so that will probably be a break even.

Right now Social Security is supposed to increase by an average of $21 a month next year, but Medicaid Part B costs are going up almost double that.  In fact those costs are project to go up at double digit levels the next three years, which should easily outpace inflation.  This will really affect my parents and any seniors as they won't get more for their investments and their benefits are falling short of inflation.

On the other hand, I am afraid to death of our retirement and the state of the country for my children.  I wish someone had the balls to stand up and say that we all have to take a haircut and get back on track, but no one in Washington will.