Angelia Jolie had a double mastectomy

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Angelia Jolie had a double mastectomy
Tue, 05-14-2013 - 9:15pm

I'm sure that everybody's  heard the story.  I'm wondering how many people would voluntarily do the same thing if they had the  funds.

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Mon, 05-20-2013 - 11:31am

You know, I keep thinking about this over and over and not sure I could do it. I think I would have opted to just make sure I got regular testing. I'm not knocking her for doing it, because after all, she did watch her mother die from it, but I think I would probably take my chances and just be very proactive with early detection methods.


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Thu, 05-23-2013 - 8:58am

I am just not so sure I'd do it either but it is easy for me to say that since there is no Cancer at all in my family. I may have an entirely different point of view if I had watched family members die of it.

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Wed, 06-05-2013 - 2:49pm

My mother recently died of breast cancer - in March of this year. My aunt (her sister) died of breast cancer two years ago. My other aunt (her sister) is currently dying of breast cancer, not sure how much longer she has.

Several of my cousins (my aunts' children) have found lumps in their breasts, including a male cousin who died of breast cancer at 21 years old. My niece had ovarian cancer at 21. My sister had thyroid cancer. My cousin has leukemia. My grandfather (mom's dad) died of lung cancer. I've had a couple of pre-cancerous scares myself...

So do I have the gene? Possibly... But I was turned down as not eligible for the testing program here in Canada. My doctor said he would hate to see the person who is eligible, if I am not.

But no, I would not get a preventive mastectomy. Cancer is not a disease you just "get" like being randomly struck by lightning. It's something you must manage/prevent day by day, meal by meal, through lifestyle choices...