Are you even "close" to being ready for Christmas?

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Are you even "close" to being ready for Christmas?
Fri, 12-13-2013 - 10:39am

For the first time in years I think I hust may be!  All but one of my major gifts are bought and most of them are wrapped and my house is decorated (inside and out) to suit me.  I do have a few stocking stuffer gifts to buy and am headed out later today to do that shopping.

My two adult kids (son & daughter) and I will have Christmas Eve dinner here  at my house - something simple that we all like - and open our gifts then.  Our big Christmas dinner will be on the Saturday between Christmas and New Years at the home of an 'adopted family' where we will have all of the traditional dishes plus a few!!

How about you? You gonna stay home or will you be traveling?!  Do you do a big *traditional* Christmas dinner or something non-traditional?

I found this little saying the other day that I thought says it all so nicely :

The best gift around the Christmas Tree
is the presence of Family wrapped in love.

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You are loved ~~ far more than you may ever know!

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I am ready. I have tried to simplify things over the last few years and it has really been a lot better than the big hoopla and all that we used to do. I think everyone is happier too and more relaxed. I get a ham and supply bread, pickles and cheese and all the condiments and everyone else brings what they want. We have had some fun with it as you never know what is going to show up. Sort of like a Christmas present.


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I am traveling to my sister's house and I don't know yet what is assigned to me to make. But almost half of the attendees are diabetic and so it will be healthy food which we all enjoy. I have simplified the celebration this year and I feel much calmer and not so stressed. But we shall see what happens as the days get closer.