Good luck living your best life every day

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Good luck living your best life every day
Thu, 03-31-2011 - 12:59pm

After nearly five years on Finding Your Best Life, it's time for me to focus on living my best life to the fullest.

It has been such an amazing adventure being here from the very, very beginning, when the late cl-ivhjude and I were discussing the concept for the board. We saw a place where people who could discover, share and explore ways to be the best version of themselves and live the best life that they can. For us living our best lives didn't equate living the perfect lives, for our lives were far from perfect. Judy was living with cancer, I was living with PTSD and family health crises that were out of anyone's control. We both felt that despite difficult situations, we still had control and options over our thoughts, our attitudes, the way we cope with our ups and downs, and the way we live our lives. Both Judy and I had so much fun meeting so many interesting and inspiring women, many of whom have become good friends. Sadly, Judy had to step down as CL about a year after we first went online with the board. She passed away at the end of last year, and is missed by many each day.

And now it's my turn to step down. Life is ever changing, and it's what I love about life. Change is never easy, especially when it is a consequence of some sort of difficulty - a health problem, a layoff, a heartbreak, an accident, a death in the family. Some changes are good, though, and these changes bring hope and new opportunities. So in the spirit of the Finding Your Best Life, I am off to discover and explore these new opportunities that have come my way as well as create some other opportunities to see where these will lead me. I also want to do a few things to celebrate the last years of my 40s, and prepare the components that would help me live my life as best as possible in my 50s.

I hope that you all find the components and the people that will help you blossom in the version of you that you love, respect and are happy being.

Good luck and don't forget to share with everyone on the board!