How did the news of Robin Williams affect you?

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How did the news of Robin Williams affect you?
Fri, 08-15-2014 - 10:29pm

When I read about Robin Williams' death, I cried. I think i could have handeld the news much better if he had died in a car accident or of natural causes. To think that his depression was so bad that he felt he had to put the demons to rest once and for all. It was just so sad. Depression can make so many lives miserable (been there, done that) and without help and support, it will almost always end tragically. Sleep sweet, Robin.

Russell Brand said this: Robin Williams' divine madness will no longer disrupt the sadness of the world.

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I was really sad because I have enjoyed his movies so much.  I didn't actually cry, though.  I have a copy of Good Will Hunting so I got that out and watched it.  

I thought a lot about other people I have known who have taken their own lives.  I believe they reach a point of such despair and hopelessness  that they cannot find a way out.>


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I was saddened by the loss of yet another creative person. I often wonder if those who have such a plethora of ideas running through their heads all the time don't get tired of it and depressed by the inability to turn it off? Even a genius brain needs downtime and rest. I've lost several brilliant friends to suicide, with additional issues (usually medically related) and always wonder if there wasn't something I could have said or done to help. Survivor's guilt? Possibly...or even probably. I have depression (under treatment) and understand how it can overwhelm a person that others would think had everything going for them. Poor Robin must have been in a lot of emotional anguish, even as he made the world ring with laughter.


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I lost my fiance' to suicide twelve years ago in Sept.

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I too wept.  It broke my heart that someone who brought so much joy to so many finally reached such depths of depression and could not reach out for help himself. If one believes that at the time we die we go to Heaven, then the Good Lord is being rocked with laughter now that Robin is there.

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Fri, 10-03-2014 - 12:42pm

I felt really sorry as I understood how desperate and tired he was to commit such a sad death.