My readers energize me with their odd eloquence / by sylvia kronstadt

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My readers energize me with their odd eloquence / by sylvia kronstadt
Sat, 05-10-2014 - 4:35pm

What are you searching for? My readers' inadvertent poetry


    Maybe I should just lie back and let my readers write my blog. I have been noticing for quite some time that the search terms they use constitute an intriguing, baffling, elegant, twisted poetry. Who are these people? What are they really searching for? Something both profound and mundane, I imagine. I do find it delightful.

 Wrinkles juicing,

black blondes enchanting,
beautiful knees together.
Diaper sexy femme,
flavory lips with aroma,
Swiss cheese and Metamucil.
Cloud flipping off you prayed.
Pedo porn torrent,
gay hot fuckung kiking vulgaire pig,
jade roller for hemmorhoid.
Solitary confinement,
tears behind mink lashes,
massive nippled male muscle morph,
in Siberia icy.

by Norman Rockwell
Edward Jones is Norman Rockwell,
pumpkin pie for customer loyalty.
The statue that is thinking
armpit girl six China.
Britney Spears incontinent.
Longing eyes children,
broken heartless cry,
clay colored stool,
wave hair like waterfall.

Biochemistry is my valentine.
Cherokee porn star in cuddly pines

Bilder zu woman lying on mattress
forced to wet diaper in hospital.

Clubpamper fizzy cocktails,
fumé de cigarette swag,
Riker lynch muscles.
Like the L.L. Bean color mulberry?
Drano suicide and other sorts,
Amitabha pureland,
crazy origami.

Daddy is delirious.
The wet love of a gay man Smells like mango-tango.
Stay looking young with Vaseline 
Why use kerosene in hair?
Undiagnosed autoimmune anger,
primitive brain node.
Jellyfish babies that have birth defect.

Life brand gomme nicotine ...frissons.
Hormonal e-hookah vapor,
cure for a wrinkled butt

Muslim veil of glamour
cinnamon oil on a wrinkle
cucumber on a lupus butterfly
tongue without a body.

Hell in high heels.
Blue liquid drug for vivid aura.
Jewish desired to be buried bronze.
US military rapes the enemy is bad?
Kiddie porn lolita fu*k neked nude

Shampoo shelf boots,
breasts hung with sadness:
Forever flawless Dr. Oz.