Questions about the new healthcare laws

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Questions about the new healthcare laws
Sun, 09-29-2013 - 9:56am

Has anyone started re-enrollment yet for their company plan? What kind of changes are you seeing? Has your company laid off or cut hours to accommodate the new laws? I am seeing some alarming hours cut notices among my friends who are not salaried and I am getting worried. I have been looking for a new job but am going to hold off a few months until I see how this thing affects everyone.

Are you worried or looking forward to the upcoming changes in healthcare laws?

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Sat, 10-05-2013 - 3:45pm

We don't have coverage through work, we buy an individual plan. It is very expensive with a lot of out of pocket expenses and very high deductible. I'm seeing that the plans in my state exchange will have a maximum deductible that is slightly lower than our current plan, but can't tell yet how the premiums will compare---that information is not available online. I'm hopeful that we can get a better deal now.

The website for my state exchange has info about getting assistance with premium costs. You could look at the section for "individuals and families" to see if you qualify for assistance, in case your employer makes it so that you have to buy your own insurance.