Remembering 9/11

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Remembering 9/11
Mon, 09-10-2012 - 9:46am

For most of us, September 11, 2001 will be a date we will never forget. I personally watched the attacks live on TV while doing math lessons with my oldest son. What were you doing that day when you found out about what happened?

Do you participate in any memorial services in honor of the victims of 9/11?


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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 12:15pm

We were living in Saudi Arabia at the time. My friend from across the street called and told us to turn on the news --- at that time, no-one knew exactly what was happening and thought it was an accident) . I turned on my set and saw the plane hit the second tower live...  so now we knew it wasn't an accident! Sat there with the house boy (from Sri Lanka) and just were totally stunned...

We ended up spending days glued to the television (we could get NBC and CNN on direct satellite feed, no commercials) and were on lock-down by the company, who were talking with the DOD, trying to determine if they should evacuate us all. Depending on what DOD told the, we could either have all been flown out, shipped out on a naval ship, or driven south in a caravan to Oman... Luckily, we didn't have to leave because that would have meant leaving our pets and our "stuff" behind, in the care of locals, which didn't leave a good taste in our mouths...

Meanwhile, all our Saudi friends were coming by to offer their condolences and marvel at who would do such a thing (then, no-one new how many of those people were Saudi and the Saudis were in denial about bin Laden --- it took a couple of shootings on Saudi soil before they woke up to the fact that they had bred a viper in their bosom, so to speak!).

Needless to say --- very scary. Every compound had guards with mirrors to look under cars and they searched under the hoods and in the trunks as well, if you were visiting. The checkpoints at the consulate tripled in number and doubled in efficiency. Our bus couldn't take us anywhere because it had the company name emblazoned on it (in Arabic, but it still was known as an American company), and all shops and markets in Al Khobar lost a lot of money because NO-ONE went shopping there for over a month!

Oh, and the security at Schipol, in Amsterdam, became (and still is) ridiculous! We were used to having our luggage searched in Saudi --- it was routine, but in Amsterdam? Whew!

No, I have never participated in a memorial... at least not beyond making a quilt square for a memorial quilt in 2002. 



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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 1:21pm

I'll never forget that day. I was home with my 13 yo daughter who was sick; my husband had just left for work when the first report of the plane hitting one of the towers came in. The two of us watched the horror unfold; I comforted her as best I could. My husband called from work to check on us; when the towers collapsed, he called to say he was on his way home. His boss had closed the business for the day, knowing that everyone felt an irresistible need to go home to their families.

I begin and end every September 11th with a prayer.

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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 9:46pm

I was at work and someone had on the radio.  She came out of her office and everybody went into the conference room to watch the news.

Everybody was in shock.  I got home and gave my son a huge hug.