Texting and Walking might be dangerous

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Texting and Walking might be dangerous
Fri, 12-14-2012 - 2:03pm

Most of us know by now not to text and drive, but what about texting and walking? According to this Health Day News article, texting and walking may be as dangerous as texting and driving. "Almost one in three pedestrians use their cell phones or text while crossing busy streets, which could increase their chances of being hit by a car, a new study says.Distracted walking, like distracted driving, is becoming an increasing problem and pedestrians need to be educated about the danger of doing so, the researchers added." MORE

Do you text while walking?

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Fri, 12-14-2012 - 2:08pm

hahaha-I don't anymore. I've learned first hand that texting while walking is dangerous. I was walking along the sidewalk one morning while texting a friend to meet for lunch when I somehow stepped off the curb and fell right into the street. I skinned up my elbow, broke the display on my phone, and was very lucky not to have been hit by a car.