There...I have said the number one fraise of the moment...

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There...I have said the number one fraise of the moment...
Tue, 01-01-2013 - 3:12pm

Happy New Year...

From the moment the bells of Big Ben started ringing across the land by 12am, it seemed that more than just a few of us started to question, 'How will I make this year better than the last?" It's funny how within just a few minutes of the bells echoing, the fireworks exploding and the sound of thousands of people drinking and laughing that your forget that you had woken up that morning in a dreadful mood with your partner because he forgot to leave the toilet seat down, or that up until that moment you no longer was angry with your mother who had question your plans to have a baby anytime soon before she was 6ft under. OK I admit, although I sound synical i am 100% not. Of course, I would love to think that within just 20 hours I have come to realise that I need to do things different and although I had previously had 365 days to do that, it was obviously not the right time Undecided.

Well like I have said, within these 20 hours of celebrating the 1st January 2013 I have come a conclusion, and that is I will start writing again.... It stimilates my thoughts, gets me going and to be honest I never really worked out why I stopped...Oh yeh thats right, I work in an industry where 40 hours a week becomes 99hours and my boss resembles Miranda Priestly of the Devil Wears Prada, so of course I had no time...but this year I am going to make time. 

Please do keep an eye out on my daily posts and of course I look forward to hearing from you... And one more time people, Happy New Year.

S xo