Trying to change things

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Trying to change things
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I hope it's okay that I write a bit about my life, then what I am looking for. I have experienced many bumpy roads thus far. I have gotten out of a very emotionally, mentally and verbally abusive relationship with my ex. We were married for 17 years, though I could hardly call it a marriage. We are physically separated for more than six years now.

I now realize that he probably suffers from antisocial personality disorder. He fits the description to a tee. Besides that, I have other issues that I am dealing with. The reason I am posting all of this is because throughout all of this, I am a very positive, spiritual person. I believe in going onward and upward. I

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I just passed by and saw this. Not sure if anyone will see it but I can say a few things ..

First off congratulations for getting away from your Husband (now ex)... I was married to one of thos for over ten years and been divorced since 2007... I know mine also had that disorder.. but mine refused to see he needed help..

Anyway; You could go over to the TOXIC relationship board and talk about this woman harassing you..

Are you a teacher in that school? I didnt quite understand who this woman is?
As you know and I have learned which is challenging is that we teach people how to treat us.. I would think you have to stand up to her and know your rights.. Do it in a calm way though.. You could also report her to the proper people at the school.

If you ex bullied you then you need to find a way to get empowered and stop others from bullying you.

It sounds like your self esteem might be a bit low .. Is it?? That might be why you are upset when others dont notice you or compliment you.. I learned how to raise my self esteem and self awareness and even though I dont get praised or thanked or get great compliments it doesnt bother me because I know I am great within my own self.

Hang In

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Hi there. I think you have done a good job of things from what I can see so I think the main thing here is keep up the positive thinking. Try to ignore the negative stuff and focus on the positive. Good luck!