Wednesday woes... and woohoos

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Wednesday woes... and woohoos
Wed, 11-17-2010 - 7:59am

Any woos and woohoes this week?


Woohoo: it's a holiday here and I got to see family for a little bit. As I write, my two great-nephews are watching the Disney channel and their mom is texting with her friends. We're each doing our own things but keeping an eye on eye other heh heh heh... I had a wonderful dinner with a couple of friends I hadn't seen in ages. Their enthusiasm for one of my ideas is pushing me to go ahead with it, even if it's a little step right now.

None, really.

Edited to add: I thought that I would get a writing gig. It would have been two weeks of writing content for a website about a conference to be held here next year. I was enthusiastic about the work, but apprehensive about the client. So out came my usual prayer ("If it's good for me please let it come to be, if it isn't good for me please take it far away from me.") A couple of days laterI heard something about the clients later on that kind of made me glad it didn't happen. So I don't know whether this should be a woo or woohoo. A bit of both, I guess.

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Wed, 11-17-2010 - 6:19pm

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Thu, 11-18-2010 - 9:19am
Hey Diana,

I think that not getting the job was probably a blessing in disguise. I would have hated doing the job and not getting paid for it, or having to struggle to get paid for work that was already submitted and completed!

I had to smile when you wrote that you missed my growth! It makes me feel like a teenager again LOL. Do you think I've grown?

I am so very sorry that you are still going through a bad situation right now. I hope that things are in the works behind-the-scenes so that this changes gradually. I think that life-after-kids does take time to take off. Hey, they were with you for 18 years - nearly 19 if you count the pregnancy - it doesn't take a couple of weeks or months to shift your own mindset from full-time mom to entrepreneur with 2 grown boys! And don't ever ever think that it won't ever happen at all. You are a *survivor* my friend, and you'll find the path that you need to take (((hugs)))

It's been a couple of very tough years for you, hasn't it? Hooray for changing your mind and for getting our of your heartbreaking situation. And more hoorays for turning on your creative side! Thank you for the honour of charging me with supporting you with your creative endeavours. I am already looking forward to receiving photos of your lovely creations.

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