Welcome to the new boards!

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Welcome to the new boards!
Wed, 10-06-2010 - 8:45am

Welcome to the new boards!

I hope that the past few days have been good and that this finds you well. Before you start posting, I suggest that you go to Edit my Preferences, which is located on the top of the right hand column. You'll be able to set wehether how you see the boards, how many topics per folder, how many posts per topic that you'll see (set the preferences for these to under "linear layout" in the "Preferences" tab.) You'll also be able to add a siggie if you wish, decide whether or not you can receive Private Messages or not, etc.

Private Messages are replacing emails. Members are now able to send PMs to each other without divulging each other's email addresses as this goes through iVillage servers.

Please note: if you are subscribing yourself to a topic, you'll be sent a notification each time anybody replies to that topic not just replies to you. Personalized notifications are currently not available. If you do not want to be sent notifications, please make sure that 'Automatically subscribe me to topics I participate (under subscriptions and bookmarks) in is left unchecked. If there are individual topics you would like to suscribe to you can check the box that appears on the top right hand side of the page as you are replying to a post.

Read more here: Getting Started with Our Upgraded Message boards

The urls of the boards have also changed, so when you havethe time you might want to update your bookmark for this board, too. The new url for the Finding Your Best Life board is http://forums.ivillage.com/ivillage/?category.id=iv-bhbestlife