Pray for Newtown ,CT

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Pray for Newtown ,CT
Wed, 12-19-2012 - 5:10pm

I am a teacher and when I heard the news on Friday, then saw the list of names of students and teachers on Sat. My heart broke, I cried for the lost of lives. These were babies, teachers dedicated to the profession, why??????????? I sat in meditation and try to make sense of all it and couldn't. The outpouring support the community and families have been received has been an amazing act of incredible kindness. A beautiful interfaith service on Sunday was much needed. As an educator I hope that the school is demolished after the investigation and a memorial build. I could never walk into a building after such an horrific act had been committed. The act of violence will be with the families and survivors for the rest of their lives. But change has to happen....gun laws, mental health increase funding to federal/local agencies instead of cutting, educating the public and parents about mental illness. Making sure families have resources to go to if they need any kind of mental health care. Third, school safety there needs to be a balance of common sense, security and responsibility.


Please continue to pray for the community, families, and all have been involved in this act of violence!