Wedding question

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Wedding question
Tue, 08-07-2012 - 3:25pm

I hope you don't mind me posting here, but I was hoping you could give me some advice.  If this isn't allowed, feel free to delete my post. 

I'm going to a cousin's wedding this wedding, and my gay cousin and her partner will be attending.  Although they've been together for a couple of years, this will be the first big family even they'll be attending.  Some of the family is still having a hard time dealing with my cousin being a lesbian, so I'd like to try to ward off any issues that might arise.  I really love my cousin and don't want to see either of them hurt.  Should I talk to the family members that I think would pose a problem beforehand, just stick close to them  or just see how the whole thing plays out?   

Thanks for your advice :smileyhappy: 

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Thu, 08-09-2012 - 11:01am

A few weeks ago I was at an employee function and one of my co-workers brought her long term partner with her for the first time. I kind of felt sorry for them as most people just kind of stared and they seemed to be the center of attention. Once the ice was broken  and people started chatting with them, everything was fine from there. If I were you I'd just let things playout rather than talk to the potential problems in advance.

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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 7:13am
I would not say anything and go have fun. It is the family issue and not your cousins.