Becoming vegetarian--tips??

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Becoming vegetarian--tips??
Tue, 05-29-2012 - 12:24am

I have always wanted so badly to be vegetarian and I'm tired of procrastinating, so Ive decided to just finally do it. Any tips for transitioning to a vegetarian diet? How did you do it? 

Also, I'm concerned about having enough variety in recipes. Any favorites you make alot?


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Re: Becoming vegetarian--tips??
Sun, 06-10-2012 - 7:53pm

Amelia, those articles are so informative!!! I kinda knew dairy wasnt necessarily good for you but didnt know why lol 

I am definitely going to work on finding substitutes for cheese, now. Thats going to be hard to give up, I looooove cheese!

i also take vitamin d tablets daily, i live in Ohio and theres a distinct lack of sun during the winter. i take a multi vitamin, too.

my mother, a nurse, is very concerned about my iron and protein intake if i dont eat meat...but i believe nuts and legumes are ok to get that, right? 
 Yes, we should def start a thread about recipes!!
i am very interested in what to take for lunch, i'm kinda  stuck in a pb and j rut as i was always eating lunchmeat.

I did make vegetarian chilli and a veggie stirfry last week, both very tasty.even my carnivore husband liked them!

Many thanks!!!