Help! My son has gone from veggie to vegan

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Help! My son has gone from veggie to vegan
Fri, 09-07-2012 - 5:48pm

Hi, new to this bit. My 17 year old son turned veggie a couple of years ago and has now gone completely vegan. I was happy to follow the vegetarian diet with him for health reasons as well as the obvious. But I love dairy, especially cheese and eggs and am finding it very hard to feed him anything interesting. I worry that he won't be getting enough nutrition from the food that he is eating now. I am also trying to get him interested in actually cooking his own food - he's certainly old enough, just a bit lazy!. So any ideas or tips you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Doesn't help that he also doesn't like mushrooms which are in lots of recipes.  Thanks Claire

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Thu, 09-20-2012 - 10:54am

Hi and welcome! I'm sorry I am just seeing this message. I don't have experience with being vegan but did find this information for you that I hope you'll find helpful:

Did your son decide to go vegan for any particular reason?


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Wed, 10-31-2012 - 1:09pm

Claire, if you do less food prep for your son, he'll have no choice but to take up the slack. If you're not vegetarian yourself, it might be kind (and healthy!) to make side dishes for the whole family that a vegan can eat. Almost any dish that includes mushrooms is still pretty good without them. I'm not vegan but eat like one most of the time, so I'm always looking out for things to fall back on to "call it in" when I don't feel like being creative. I shred several carrots and a couple of zucchini once a week and throw them into everything I stir-fry. I make scrambles bassed on tofu instead of eggs, filled with vegetables and slivered almonds. One raw meal I have several times a week: on a bed of shredded carrots, I put orange sections, avocado hunks and grape tomatoes. For dressing, a combo of soy sauce, sushi vinegar and sesame oil. Your son can section an orange and cut up an avocado, and might take to "assembling" a meal instead of cooking one. But he definitely needs to take more responsibility for feeding himself, at least between now and when he's eating in a dorm cafeteria. If he's getting plenty of beans, whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables, I don't think he'll fade away on you. He can experiment for himself on ways to make those building blocks interesting. Some people need interesting, others just need easy. If he likes some heat in his food, there could always be a bottle of sriracha or hot sauce available for squirting in. It won't be on his radar, but for your own peace of mind, you can urge him to take B-12 supplements. Good luck, and if you try some of this for the rest of the family, you all might even enjoy it.