Annuals or Perennials?

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Annuals or Perennials?
Mon, 03-19-2012 - 9:03am

What kind of flowers do you plant: annuals or perennials? If annuals, do you try something new each year? If perennials, what do you have planted?


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Mon, 03-26-2012 - 9:45pm

Perennials only here.

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Mon, 03-19-2012 - 7:41pm

I plant both but I lean toward perennials.

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Mon, 03-19-2012 - 2:27pm
Well last year as part of one of our challenges I planted tulip bulbs before the snow hit - so I will have some lovely perennials. I also have some hostas in the back yard that are perennials, but other than that, I'm an annual gardener - mostly veggies actually!

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Mon, 03-19-2012 - 10:11am

DH is the gardener and he is a perennial man! The sunny spots have daylilies And the shady spots have hostas... And right now, the random plantings of daffodils are blooming everywhere (because the shady spots aren't so shady with the maple tree leafless at the moment...).