Big day tomorrow - Please say a prayer.

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Big day tomorrow - Please say a prayer.
Tue, 10-19-2010 - 8:38pm

Yeppers, tomorrow I get to have an angiogram and most likely angioplasty and a stent. Needless to say, I'm a bit stressed, which isn't helping, but I can't help it. They expect it all to go well, and probably I'll be discharged on Thurs. if all goes well.



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Wed, 10-20-2010 - 12:17pm

Done, Jan.

Rest assured, you are in the best hands.

Please let us know how it goes.

Hugs, Red

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Wed, 10-20-2010 - 9:48am

Jan sending those prayers your way and I don't blame you for feeling nervous. This is all going to go fine my friend.

Will be thinking of you!!



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Wed, 10-20-2010 - 9:11am

Best wishes, Jan. I hope all goes well and you are soon back at home as planned.

Sending you some cyber ((((hugs))))!!


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Wed, 10-20-2010 - 5:03am

I hope all goes well with the doctor! :) Healing thoughts are sent your way and prayers as well!

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Tue, 10-19-2010 - 9:47pm

def sending prayers and hugs, Jan!!

-Margaret mom to 2 girls
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Tue, 10-19-2010 - 8:54pm

Saying prayers Jan.