Do you ever rant on websites?

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Do you ever rant on websites?
Sun, 03-24-2013 - 4:18pm

Does it make you feel better? According to Health Day News, it may actually make you angrier in the long run. "It's so tempting. You read something on a website about a hot-button issue that makes you mad and you've got to respond. Before you know it, you're verbally sparring with a stranger. But you may want to think twice before jumping into the fray.

While you might like getting your point of view off your chest, over the long term your rants may be making you less happy and more angry, suggest two new studies by a single research team." more

What do you think?


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Tue, 03-26-2013 - 11:52am

The problem with web sites and social media is that  people feel free to say whatever they want because they are hiding behind a computer screen. My bet and hope is that in real life they would not be as mean, disrespectful, nasty, even honest face to face. Forget commenting, I have learned it is often best to not even READ in the first place. And if I comment, I don't always respond to responses.

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Mon, 03-25-2013 - 9:55am

I can see that this is absolutely true. While I may temporarily feel better after ranting, it doesn't end there. I spend far too much time thinking about replies and comebacks and find myself getting angrier and angrier. Had I simply stayed out of the conversation I probably would never give as much thought to it.

I feel the same way about complaint sites. Once you start complaining about a product or service you starting thinking about it more and more and next thing you know the problem is blown completely out of proportion in your mind.