Drugs to Make You Look Beautiful -- But at What Price?

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Drugs to Make You Look Beautiful -- But at What Price?
Mon, 11-07-2011 - 9:11am

Wow-Check this out from Health Day News:

No More Gray Hair!... Skimpy eyelashes, balding pates and wrinkles aren't diseases, but they may as well be in a society that "medicalizes" normal conditions by producing drugs not to cure or heal, but to enhance, some health experts contend.

So the news that a cosmetic company is developing a pill to prevent hair from graying will offer Americans more options than ever to not only turn back the clock, but -- as experts note -- to eliminate common differences that make individuals distinct. READ MORE

Would you try it?

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I have relatives who have used Latisse for their eyelashes, and also my gram has used it for her glaucoma. I think with the potential side effects, it's simply not worth it until they see what long term use does to us. Many of these drugs would be taken for medicinal use over a short term. Now if we're using them to stave off aging, a person may use for far longer than what its original use intended, making it more dangerous.

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Nope --- I told my hairdresser ages ago (back in the 70s) that I earned every one of those gray hairs and Iwasn't going to "color" it away... There are more now than then (I'm iron grey now! LOL) but I still wouldnt try a drug if I wouldn't use dyes!

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