How good is your healthcare?

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How good is your healthcare?
Thu, 09-19-2013 - 10:02am

According to this Health Day News report, where you live and how much money you make determines how good your health care is. "...The sharp differences in health care access, quality and outcomes identified in the report result in a substantial loss of lives and missed opportunities to improve health and quality of care, according to the Commonwealth Fund.

The report said that if all states could provide the same levels of health care accessibility and quality as the leading states:

  • About 86,000 fewer people would die prematurely each year.About 750,000 fewer low-income Medicare beneficiaries would be prescribed potentially dangerous medications.Tens of millions of adults and children would receive needed preventive care, such as vaccines, check-ups and cancer screenings.About 30 million more low-income adults and children would have health insurance, reducing the number of uninsured Americans by half.About 33,000 more infants born to low-income mothers would survive until their first birthday." read more

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