"Mindless TV" is more than just a phrase.....

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"Mindless TV" is more than just a phrase.....
Tue, 03-08-2011 - 10:15pm

I went for my PET scan, today and it was very interesting. I had to have no carbs whatsoever, yesterday. Just protien and green beans. This morning was early protien breakfast then nothing until after the test. They had given me a list of instructions, including don't bother to bring a book. Seems when they give you the tracer injection, the cells are starved for glucose, thus the no carb diet. Reading and doing puzzles stimulate the brain, making it require more of the glucose that carries the tracer! They get much better scans when your brain is not active, thus either taking a nap or watching TV! LOL

Now, to wait for the results. They did give me a CD copy of the scan, so I can take it along when I go for second and third opinions. I see the oncologist on Thursday morning, and plan on asking her who she'd send her mom to, if it was her. I also found out that the group I use is also affiliated with the Univ. of Chicago. That was one of the places I was going to check into!



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"Mindless Tv".... lol

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Now that is very interesting!

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Interesting Jan something I didn't know about reading. I did know watching TV can be mindless LOL. Let us know when you can the result. I like you asking her who she would send her Mom too. Keeping those postive thoughts and prayers coming your way.


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Jan....Hoping your appointment goes well....Continued Prayers!