What day of the week do you grocery shop?

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What day of the week do you grocery shop?
Mon, 12-02-2013 - 11:02am

What day of the week do you do your grocery shopping? If it isn't Wednesday, you may want to change it according to iVillage.com. "We’ve all been there: Trying to tackle our grocery shopping on a Sunday, when stores are mobbed and shelves are feebly stocked. Sure, that may be a convenient day off from work to handle chores -- but it also happens to feel like a lousy time to approach the task when you can’t even find a space in the parking lot or an empty shopping cart with four working wheels.

So what’s the best day to shop for groceries? If you can swing it, Lifehacker suggests you try Wednesday nights. Grocery stores tend to release their new sale advertisements that day, while also honoring advertised sales from the previous week. Further, mid-week is when stores often restock items like produce and meat." READ MORE

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