What is happening to Christmas?

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What is happening to Christmas?
Mon, 12-09-2013 - 10:43am

I want to know what is happening to Christmas. I know as many people who don't celebrate now as I do those who do celebrate. Few people put up trees or decorate. I used to get cards daily the few weeks before Christmas and now I get only a handful the whole season. I am not really even seeing the crowds doing shopping. Is Christmas going by the wayside?


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Mon, 12-09-2013 - 12:54pm
I do concede that christmas cards seem to be a dying art because of social media, but I haven't seen any other decline as you have. Lights in the neighbohood went up in the last few weeks, the malls are swamped on the weekends and during lunches. If anything, its become more commercialized than every IMO.
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Sat, 12-14-2013 - 12:49am

Its alive and well where I live! The stores seem pretty busy, and I try to shop during the "off" hours. There are lots of "holiday" signs of the season (so maybe not specifically Christmas as a religious holiday): lots of people have outdoor lights and yard displays, we've been invited to several holiday parties, and there are some public events that feature Christmas songs, seasonal foods, Santa, etc. Cards have really dropped off in the past few years. Probably a combination of the expense (as postage and cards get more expensive) and the availability of e-cards and mass emails, and mass greetings on social media. 

The people you know who don't celebrate, did they celebrate in the past and decided to stop, or are you meeting people who never celebrated? We have toned down our celebrations....when my kids were little we made it a really big deal. Now they're grown, they have other commitments (ds won't even be home this year), some familiy members have passed away, and honestly I don't feel the need or desire to make a big deal anymore--a lot of it was for the benefit of those other people. We'll still do the basics--put up a tree, probably have our traditional dinner---but I'm kind of ready for a change. When/if I have grandchildren I may want to make it a big deal again but for now I'm enjoying the break. 

Like Arryl said, its getting really commercial. In some places it is still just a religious holiday, probably not much in the U.S. though. In central Mexico its still fairly common to observe Christmas as a religious and family & friends day only, no Santa etc, and the kid's gifts are given on Jan 6---Three Kings Day. In the 9 nights preceding Christmas they might have a Posada, to observe (and sometimes reenact) Mary and Joseph seeking shelter. There's a lot to be said for that simplicity!