Would you allow your job to track your health habits?

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Would you allow your job to track your health habits?
Fri, 04-19-2013 - 8:02am

Apparently, according to iVillage Health, that is what is happening in Portland, Oregon. "Citizen, a company in Portland, Ore., is doing. The project, C3PO, which stands for Citizen Evolutionary Process Organism, asks employees to track their food, sleep and exercise and upload it to a central server within the company.It then compares that data against time tracking applications to find out how what you do on your own time affects your efficiency at the office.According to Wired, the express purpose of this data-crunching endeavor is to “show employees how they can improve their work through better personal habits.”" read more

Is this a good idea or not? Would you participate in something like this?

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This is not a good idea and I would never participate. My private life is just that-private. I would not want my employer snooping around in my day-to-day activities. If something like this caught on, then before you know it, we would all be forced to live a certain way just to try to keep a job.

I am guessing this is just another added "benefit" of government healthcare


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Actually this started before "Obamacare".  It was an incentive to employees to take better care of themselves. I think the problem with the last round is the wording so it sounds more like a 'punishment'.  For years you have paid higher insurance rates based on weight, blood pressure, smoking etc. Fair? Doesn't feel like it when it affects you. BTDT. A few years ago, I think I was saved from higher premiums when insurance could not get ahold of my dr's office because they were closed temporarily to move to new offices.. I know they have 'wrong' info in my files. Insurance gave up and just insured me at regular rates. DH, however got a discount)