Alzheimers is just as tough on the caregiver...

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Alzheimers is just as tough on the caregiver...
Fri, 12-27-2013 - 4:13pm

My mother has Alzheimers and I'm her caregiver. She is 96 years old and has been slipping further away from us as time goes on. Mom's physical health is excellent - strong heart, good vitals all around and a will to live. I only wish her brain was as in good health as her physical self. I recently read an article about an Alzheimers victim (that's what I call them because, in essence, that's what they are) and how and why they tell lies. Again, that's a part of the disease. I've noticed my mother making up quite a few of these so-called lies and I've wondered why she does that. I must say that before I read the article, it annoyed me that she told such outlandish lies. She has told others (not in my presence) that I don't ever go to see her, that I won't take her places - not even to the doctor - and on and on. Her stove doesn't work, her TV has only 3 channels, she doesn't have any clothes or shoes, etc. If I can find that article again, I'll post a link to it here.