Oh, my mother!

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Oh, my mother!
Thu, 05-15-2014 - 11:25pm

I get so frustrated with my mother. I know it's the disease that makes her behave the way she does, but it gets so old. She makes up stuff in her mind (called Alzheimers lies) and once its in there, it sticks no matter how hard we try to tell her otherwise. I don't like causing her to be frustrated or frightened, but sometimes I just lose patience with her. It's hard not too when you're with someone so much throughout the day. We recently returned from a trip to California for my aunt's memorial service. We had someone willing to look after mom while we were gone. She told me yesterday that this person raided her refrigerator and kitchen cupboards and even watched her as she went to the bathroom. She said she didn't ever want that person back in her house again. We completely trust the lady who checked in on Mom and Mom liked her really well herself. Until now. Though our trip was filled with sorrow, it felt good to get away from our responsibilities. We called Mom on the phone a couple of times and she gave no indication that there was anything wrong. Okay, I just needed to vent.Frown