Stress, Depression Linked to Raised Stroke Risk in Seniors

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Stress, Depression Linked to Raised Stroke Risk in Seniors
Thu, 12-27-2012 - 10:05am

Are you under a lot of stress or dealing with depression? If so, you may be at higher risk for stroke. According to Health Day News, "Researchers found that people over 65 with the highest levels of psychosocial distress -- including depression, a negative outlook and dissatisfaction with life -- had triple the risk of death from stroke as compared with those who had lower levels of stress." MORE

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I'm sure that my mother's stroke in October was due in part to stress. She's certainly has had her share. I also think my mother is bi-polar and has been for years and years. Which Bi-polarism and Alzheimers is not a good combo. When I went through my depression a few years ago, as did my aunt, Mom was ashamed of us and badly embarassed. Years ago, when someone was suffering with depression, they were locked up in a asylum. Mom said the depression was only in our minds. (well, duh!)