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Another update
Sat, 10-12-2013 - 6:49pm

I was recently diagnosed with Discoid Lupus. I've had the redness on my cheeks for a long while now and this summer, my face began to peel. I put it all down to Roscea and dry skin, although every remedy I tried failed. I was developing pain in my neck on the right side, as well as an achy ear and then headaches and that went on for a month. I'm now taking a steroid and I've had no more pain for a week now. What a blessing! I had told my hubby that if I knew I had to suffer with that pain long-term or even forever, I hoped to die tomorrow. From what I've read, a person with Discoid Lupus can also develope Systemic Lupus. Oh, joy in the morning! (Said sarcastically.) My best friend who died a few years a go had Systemic Lupus. I watched her go through seizures (5 per hour at one point), unbearable pain, temporary memory loss, the use of a cane and then a walker. She truly suffered. I'll be on the steriod for 2 months and then I'll be retested. At that time, my doctor will probably refer me to a rheumatologist. The ring finger on my left hand is having it's own way with things - it gets bent under and it hurts like crazy to straighten it out. (I'm lefthanded.) So, on Nov. 27th, I'll have that looked at by a specialist.

My hubby had an accident with his 4-wheeler and although nothing is broken, he's badly bruised and scraped. The hip that was replaced a few years ago (due to a vehicle accident) got the worst of it. He's not able to walk on one leg, so I drug out his old crutches. I felt like he should be looked at by a doctor, but he refused to go to the clninc or ER. Since this just happened last night, I'm going to watch him closely for any signs that should give reason to take him to the ER.

Oh, such is life...

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Mon, 10-21-2013 - 2:52am


I hope your hubby is better after he saw his doctor either at the clinic or the ER. I also hope that you are finally feeling better.