Dating as a senior citizen

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Dating as a senior citizen
Sun, 05-12-2013 - 1:33pm

Does anyone here date? I have a friend whose husband died two years ago (she was married to him for 37 years) and she is talking about dating but afraid to take a step towards it. I think it is a good idea and want to encourage her to meet someone. How does she make herself "available"? How different is the senior dating experience than when you were much younger? 

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I can answer this somewhat .. I am 59 years old and been divorced for a few years.. I actually have been on some dates since 2009 ... At first I was really afraid and didnt want to do it but I came out of my comfort zone and put myself on a few dating sites that were free.. Now dating sites are not all they are cracked up to be. (just go over to the singles board and check all we have to say there ).. Okay.. so I was shocked but I did get about 20 or  more dates but that span was from 2009 to now which is a long time.. I have never really met anyone who I liked enough and visa versa .. I have to tell you that its pretty challenging to date in the fifties.. or even older. Age comes into play in the newly 2013 but its not impossible.. I have also met men at meet up groups and clubs and other places but still not making any connections...

I would suggest if you are out of practice to check out some meet up groups first to mingle with others and have fun and get your feet wet... Just get out there on the scene first whether its meet up groups or just meeting new people at different venues.. and find age appropriate places..

I have to tell you that dating for the older crowd is  not for the faint of heart.. but Good Luck

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My SIL was widowed 3.5 years ago at 60, they had been married 34 years. She mostly did/does activities with other women in her age group but also occasional get togethers with a boating group she and her dh knew. Through those groups she met some available men. It took her over 2 years to feel ready to consider dating. She hit it off with a guy from the boating group, they did things just as friends for several months (like lunch or a movie) then decided to take it up a notch. He is 7 years younger than her which felt weird to her at first but she's getting over it. He stays with her on the weekends and they sometimes get together once during the week, so far she doesn't want it to get any more serious or involved than that. The surprise complication was her 34yo dd who is married & has kids, she cannot accept her mom dating.

Probably your friend should ease into it by going to MeetUps or joining a group or club for some activity she likes. When people find out she's single they might introduce singles of the opposite sex and maybe she'll meet somebody she wants to know better.