Do you play games?

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Do you play games?
Mon, 11-26-2012 - 8:42am

Do you still play games?What about reading? According to this Health Day News article, playing games or reading may help your brain stay sharp. "Reading, writing and playing cards and board games may be more than just fun pastimes, they may also help aging brains stay healthy, researchers say.These types of mental activities appear to help preserve structural integrity in the brains of older people, according to Konstantinos Arfanakis and colleagues from Rush University Medical Center and Illinois Institute of Technology, in Chicago." More

What is your favorite game?


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Tue, 11-27-2012 - 10:08pm

I do play games and when I came home from the hospital it was one of the first things that I did. I play Bejewelled Bitz most and some car games.

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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 5:32pm

I play Bejewelled and Mah Jongg (the computerized  version).  And I read and read and read ....>