The Golden Years!!!

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The Golden Years!!!
Sun, 11-10-2013 - 3:06pm

Hello All;

I dont want to complain so maybe this is just a vent so please understand... I am 59 and female and the other day I was thinking about when they say as we age and get to a particular place in life its called the Golden Years..

So what does that mean?? I surely dont feel like its the golden years if it means being comfortable and set and liking where you live and what  you do and all.

How many people are actually happy and living those golden years.. Was it our fault in that we didnt plan right or did we make a wrong turn somewhere or did we just get hit with curve balls..  I know many might say you make your own life but sometimes things are out of my control and not my fault so I am wondering where to find the balance.. If you guys know what I mean??


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Tue, 11-12-2013 - 7:36pm

Although I understand what you're saying, to me, it is Golden just to be able to get up when I want to and do what I want to.  I don't have a lot of money, but I have enough to take care of my needs.  Years back when I was growing up, most of my friends had a grandparent or two living in their home, or their family was living in the grandparents home.  The SS check helped run the household. The grandparent helped with household chores and childcare.  The children learned the true meaning of "respect your elders."    Nowday, no one wants their parents living with them.  It's really sad, I think.  Families need to come together more.

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Tue, 11-12-2013 - 11:57pm

I guess I don't feel like I'm in The Golden Years yet, that will be at 65 or 70. I'm only 61. Right now I am pretty happy. There will always be worries about things but overall its good, I'm healthy and while I don't have the stamina I had just 5 years ago I'm still active. I never knew if it was called the golden years because it was supposed to be so great, or it was the sunset of your I looked it up. Wiki Answers says that the phrase was coined in the 1950's by Merrill Lynch Investments in an advertising campaign; and suggests that it refers to people who have reached their 50th/Gold anniversary. I'll be 75 on my 50th anniversary so I have a long way to go.

If you're feeling ripped off by the Golden Years then maybe you can figure that it refers to a certain age, say 65 or 75, rather than referring to your life being wonderful and golden.