I haven't been around because my internet/email got hacked!

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I haven't been around because my internet/email got hacked!
Mon, 07-15-2013 - 1:02am

What a mess! I have lost everything and I feel so sad. There were email addresses that will be almost impossible for me to retrieve. I have spent hours on the phone with my internet provider and then with Yahoo because I didn't receive any emails. Seems the hackers changed the spelling of my name in three places so that could receive all my email. I had found two and fixed them but it took an hour to find the last one.

Has this happened to you? I think they target senior citizens!!

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Wow MaryFrances, what a nightmare. I got one of the emails that said you were in the Phillipines and knew instantly what had happened. Do you have any idea how they may have gotten in your accounts?

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No, I have absolutely no idea but because they didn't do any "damage" like getting into my bank account the police aren't interested in it. It happens so frequently that to them it is a non-event. Your's is one of the email addresses that I have lost and I need you to send me something so I can capture it again. I certainly had other things that I would like to have been doing than spending hours on the phone with technical assistance!! They kept appologizing to me!!

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One of my Yahoo accounts was "compromised" about a year ago. I don't know if that's the same thing, but I lost everything in that email account, with no chance to get it back. I had had that account for years. It has happened just recently with hubby's Yahoo account. So, I don't know if its Yahoo thats messed up or if its because of a hacker. Anyhoo, I can certainly sympathize with you. Did I ever tell you that I'm glad you're here on the board? If not, I just did. Laughing