I'm confused

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I'm confused
Wed, 11-07-2012 - 6:22pm

I see signatures in others' posts, but I'm not able to add a sig to mine. Is there something I'm missing? Any ifo on this will be very much appreciated.

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Thu, 11-08-2012 - 6:57pm


This is one of the fixes that we got an email about earlier today. It would have been helpful if someone had told us that the iVillage offices in NYC were affected by Sandy and that they were closed! I guess they assumed we knew but some of us live a long ways away from NYC.

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Fri, 11-09-2012 - 9:21am

HI Geri and MaryFrances,

Geri-how are you doing?

Yikes-You must not be getting all my e-mail messages. I have sent out several over the last three weeks about various issues including the offices being affected by the storm. Just in case things, you may want to bookmark this board: iVillage Help and check there for updates until we get our leader's board back.

Hope this helps,

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