My cat, Sheba

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My cat, Sheba
Sat, 08-17-2013 - 9:09pm

We rescued Sheba 10 years ago. She had been abandoned by our next door neighbors when they sold their house and moved away. Her health issues began last month and we had her to our vet for evaluation. She was almost completely blind and her teeth were so bad that she couldn't chew the dry food any longer. We put her on wet food and she seemed to be doing okay. Her little meow was no more than a squeek - we had nicknamed her "Squeeky" - but in the past few days the meow went to howling instead. We don't know if she was in pain or scared. She was dropping weight and was lethagic. We made the decision to help her to the Bridge, which we did on Thursday. She was about 13 years old. I've done nothing but cry because I miss her so very much. I know it'll get better with time, but what a giant heartache I have right now. In 2 years we've lost 4 of our purrkids. This is getting way too hard. Thanks for reading. Cry

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Sun, 08-18-2013 - 8:45am

Aww Geri,

I am so sorry to hear about Sheba. It is so hard when you have to make the kind of decision you made. {{hugs}}


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Tue, 08-20-2013 - 2:04am

I'm so sorry for your loss of your precious Sheba. 

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Tue, 08-20-2013 - 10:23pm


I'm so sorry to hear of the loss your loving Sheba.  I have an aging cat, too; and I know the time will come when I might have to make a decision.  I hope and pray when the time comes she goes in her sleep.  Either way, it's painful.  

Again, I am so sorry.


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Fri, 08-23-2013 - 10:28pm


I am so sorry. With all the things going on in your life right now you didn't need this. I am sure that Sheba was a comfort for you. I am sending you a gentle hug.